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Zillie’s world-class beer selection features over 300 bottled and canned brews including imports, micros, select domestics, and local beers brewed on the Outer Banks and in North Carolina. The selection is constantly rotated to offer high quality favorites, hard-to-find craft brews, seasonal releases, and unique alternatives like ciders and gluten-free beers. We have a nice selection of non-alcoholic beer as well! Each week we add and feature new brews from light to dark, pilsners and ales, and everything in-between. Try a couple of our tasty beers on tap and then pick a few bottles and cans to enjoy later…

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Want to take it with you? At Zillie’s, you can mix and match your own six-pack to go. Each beer in the store is individually priced and if you purchase six beers or more to go, you get a 20% discount!


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