Bell’s Beer Tasting

We’re excited to have Mary from Bell’s Brewery join us here at Zillie’s on Wednesday, March 15th at 5pm to do a free beer tasting. She’ll be sampling four beers from the delicious Bell’s portfolio that will get you in the mood for an early spring. Zillie’s will also have a keg of Kal-Haven Sour Ale on tap for anyone brave enough to handle the funk… Combining malted & unmalted rye with a blend of kilned barley malts, Kal-Haven American Style Sour Ale brings a rich, earthy malt body to the glass. Pine and citrus notes from a blend of Pacific Northwest hops keep it from becoming heavy.

Bell’s Brewery, Inc. began in 1985 with a quest for better beer and a 15 gallon soup kettle. Since then, they’ve grown into a regional craft brewery that employs more than 200 people over a 20 state area.

Swing on by and taste a bit.