My Winter Working at Tarboro Brewing Company

During the winter while things were a bit slower here on Ocracoke I took the opportunity to try a new trade. Brewing! I moved back to my hometown of Scotland Neck with my wife and daughter and started working for Tarboro Brewing Company in Tarboro, NC. Many of you have driven past this town heading east to the Outer Banks on Highway 64. When I arrived they were a fledgling brewery not even a year old. Nestled in the quaint downtown of Tarboro, the owners, Inez and Stephen Ribustello had converted a Pontiac Dealership (abandoned for 25 years) on Main Street into a beautiful destination for beer. What was once the showroom now hosted locals for a pint as the new taproom. The warehouse where mechanics once repaired Catalina Convertibles was converted into a sprawling stainless steel brewery. The experience was amazing for me and I plan on describing the exciting inner workings of a successful brewery over the next couple of months. Get pumped!