Zillie’s Untappd in Ocracoke

Zillie’s has become the first and only verified venue on the Untappd beer app.  If you have never heard of Untappd, it is a beer app that acts like Facebook for beer geeks.  It connects people with their friends and lets them see the beers they have had and where.

Untappd reached out to Zillie’s and ask if we would like to be a verified venue.  This lets people know where to find certain beers and what is on tap currently.  Users also get to see what has been on tap in the past.  They can also see beers the beers we have carried on the wall of beer.  It also lets people keep track of the beers they have had.  The more beers you check in the more badges you can earn.  The app also helps you find venues near you or anywhere in the world and what are the most popular beverages.  The app can alert you when a certain special beer becomes available and where.  So download the app today and start sharing your favorite beverages at Zillies.