specialty foods

Diverse Selection of Gourmet Treats from Around the World

The Pantry

Zillie’s has many great food products that pair well with our wines and beers. Let’s make this clear, we are not a restaurant. We do however offer lots of food options and provide you with everything you need to enjoy your personalized pairings on our porch.  Zillie’s has a diverse selection of palate pleasing teasers – cheeses, cured meats, fabulous crackers, spreads, dips, nuts, chocolates, and local products…  Whether you’re hankering for an enjoyable pairing of chocolate with wine or something less traditional, feel free to come in and and create your own unique smorgasbord from our diverse edible delights. We promise  – you’ll score big with your friends as you sit on our deck and create wonderful new Ocracoke memories.